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This is also the 11th game, just packaged differently. Same positives for potential and lore building capabilities, same negatives for a power wall and no real progress.

11th pear game we played. Very similar to this one necromancer game I've played before. Was able to make up lore for the world in my head, a great sign for a game with high potential. Needs an upgrade or powers type system.

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10th pear game we played. This deep and thrilling adventure follows the depressing tale of Paddington Pear struggling through a divorce. He takes this rage and turns it into productive murder. Will his wife love him again? Find out.

9th pear game we played. This would be better if it was the backrooms. Pear: snatched.

8th pear game we played. Really loved this one! Funny and semi-dynamic dialogue. Music was kinda grating at first, but it grows on you. Cute easter eggs.

7th pear game we played. Same type as the 6th, except slightly more functional, in different ways. Cat is death.

6th pear game we played.

5th pear game we played.

3rd pear game we played. Janky puzzle, but adorable and interesting. Shortish and sweetish.

2nd pear game we played.

1st pear game we played. Absolutely stunning way to start.  Wonderful gameplay, and comes with two arguably equally amazing modes.

I wanna play this.