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Got this in the bundle, and dear lord, I love it. But, I especially love The Abyss by Bogleech, given I've been a fan of their work for years and I'd call it the best part of the whole thing, and honestly I'd love to see you write up a full-on campaign in that vein with 'em, just set in that weird void.

If only because I'm still waiting for my full-on Bogleech RPG fix thanks to Mortasheen being stuck in development hell, grumble grumble...

Huh, saw this on Binyot's stream. It's weird, it does have a fair few similarities to that one Yo Noid fangame. Do you have any links to that dev team, or was it just inspiration?

It would help if you gave the controls in the description before the tutorial, because I had the damndest time figuring out I had to press Shift then C to get it working.