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Definitely a very engaging game, there's no pause and he story is continuous, story vise and puzzle ideas are really good imo. 

belows are a few bug/recomendation:

but yeah being the 1st demo and all, there's a few jarring bug that i've run into during my play, ie, golem tranportation, wolf taunt mechanic during final puzzle and acces to softlocked area using the flower pixie.
hope this vid will help you see in player peerspective.

the "tutorial" level should also include wasd move instruction , because it took me a few sec to realised that i can move during that time. 
i also hope the golem can interact with the pillar from the back side too

Ayyo sus poem,  Happy valentine!!

Now That's Gamingg!!! , Can't wait for the game! take your time!

Yeah i got the same dialogue bug too

Pretty cool game, i though it will be longer and more branching path, but yeah i think it's a good introduction for the game system etc, hoping for crafting and shops in the future! 
I notice a few bugs during conversation where it auto forward the text b4 it finishes it tho, i think that's all

Can't wait for ep 1 XD

Interesting Style of game ,  really enjoyed it,hoping for a longer gameplay:D

I download it instead of playing it on the browser, and i notice a huge audio imbalance with the voice and the other sfx, do increase the voice audio at the start , cause even after post editing it still barely heard. And the "why do we need to suffer" kinda take a bit long imo.

other than that nice atmosphere and the lore quite interesting , Spooky/10

Really love the artstyle, as for the game i hope it will be longer, is there any other endings, beside the heart ending?  i'm also looking forward on what game you will produce next with this artstyle, or any game in particular , Followed :D
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lol, didn't expect the funky dance tho

Defo a skill issue, but yeah it's pretty hard for beginner like me too, it's more like a memory game rather than had eye coordinaton , Wait till you go into a fight scene later in the game, now that's harder XD

maybe we should try downloading and playing it on desktop software

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The Chapter 1 Experience <3

This is the post edit of my game around which took me around 5 hrs gameplay lol and lowers to 2 hrs long and i'm gonna say that THIS GAME IS AMAZINGGGG!!!
I'm totally in love with it, the story the character build the humor the puzzles and the multiple ways to achieve those are very beautiful! , it makes use of player creativity from start to finish and I LOVE IT!

it's does feel like an omori experience sometimes and it just felt great!, i don't want to spoil much in the comment but I can't wait to see how other ppl approaches the puzzle and react to the spookyness, I still amazed by how you can make a 2d game very scary :D


Critique(more like correction):

Btw there's a item naming error on timestamp 1:10:59  (I think it suppose to be Bucket and Not Paddle 


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Yeperss, did you get the same problem?

This game was amazing , i speedrun to the true end , but i played for all the other endings off cam, and IT"S EPICCC, Currently editing the Chapter 1 playthrough , will upload soon on ma chanel

I see feet I play, jokes aside , i really love the vibe of this game, and i'm alwys down to soft gore style game. 10/10 will find that feet again

it kinda frezes with looping sound like this when i tried to play on bowser, mine is opera gx, wonder if anyone has the same problem or it just me?

Game start at 9:00 , Lmaoo your description lol, btw the mouse sensitivity are insane, i had to download and play it on pc  , browser is just too sensitive, other than that very funky lol

game start at 8:09 Btw, the levels are a bit buggy to start, kinda too hard to maneuver imo, but it defo just my skill issue
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Now this is Gaming fun and interactive, definitely using mouse(not nazrin) to maneuver, my highscore is only 29 cause i just suck at it lol, game start at 3:00 Btw, Very fun highly addictive XD

Made a quick playthrough out of it, manage to get a draw lol, took me a few tries to get the controls but for video sake it's just 1 epic try, very funky! Game start's at 2:30 btw

I did a playthrough of the game, ngl it's kinda hard to aim while evading only manage to get two hits on cirno sadge, very funky nonetheless
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is it just me or i can't run? like my shift key doesn't i can't pass the chapter 2..

I made a playthrough of it, but it's quite tricky to figure out the right combination for all achivement ,soo it's not 100% complete playthrough but it's short and sweet game, 10/10 would not sleep again to see husbando

Still can't belive you made this game in one day lol, and the IRONY💀Quoting the comment below me ;"We're entering the post-irony phase of horror games and it's funny as shit".. we sure did, we sure did.. 

Moon Go BRRRRRR , but i have bad RNG lol, 10/10 will try protcting my moon again

rip 3 min of my life, at least I got a free give away

Time to cooldown and relax, this game is very chill and It sadness me, almost make me cry at the end but I hold it lol
10/10 will talk to random person across the ocean again..

Ame Gaming Reaction Poggiesss, headpat bonk moment,
ngl it's kinda hard for me to headpat her again for the second time, is it just me or it just spagetti code lol, either way I see pixel game i game. Ame/10 

KInda late to the party sadge, but nonetheless Pretty short and amazing game! Both magnolia and Mint are so cute! collecting the diary pieces grows the character more. and you know what , nice book boobaaaa #malemoment
But imo the order in which the lore is revealed are kinda give it away too soon tho
other than that the stroy is gewd 10/10 will show dead bodies to ma kids again
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will game on it soon



Kinda late to the party, but this game is gewd, beat game is not my forte but it's is very enjoyable, 10/10 will sing to plant again XD

Lol, I played and made a video of it, pretty cool intro for the game and me looking at the game files(not in the vid obviously) there's a lot of ground work already done. But no worry at least you finally put the game to rest so you can work on more epic games in the future or make a ver2 of this game idk. she does have a bratty personality #mesugakilolimoment. 10/10 the art and the ui is really well made, lots of love do be put in it. Followed :D

Wonderful horror game, ngl the puzzles are pretty hard imo.cause i'm dum dum. I though this is a waifu game but it's actually an horror game! 10/10 will join a dead server again :D

This is quite a fun experience :D , it been a long time since I've played this type of game, so I had fun!
I know it just made in 3 days so, there's defo a lot to improve, so
these are a few bugs i encounter and a few sugggestion from me.

there's still a bug where some gnome can pass through the walls if i make the walls on a tilted land so i had to make it two layer.

on leveling up there's a few perk unlocked but there's no description so it's a bit hard to guess what it does.

The difficulty dropped when the walls were unlocked, so it could be challenging if the gnome can pass through the mole turret and can destroy walls (ie walls have hidden hp like minecarft blocks)

it also be good if we can set up the farming area so the animals will not go outside the farming range

kinda cool if you can process lavender into something else , or have some skill tree research type game

Other than that overall it 's a good and working game :D
Keep up the good work!

Ayyy!! Gaming! Can't wait too play your next big game soon :D keep up the good work ma g

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Another banger form VMU gang, 10/10 would be on the server again. definitely a fever dream game , but I am still curious about the tv, is there a clue for it?

idk if it's my pc is potato,, or it's kinda hard to read because the text is a bit blurry and hard to read for me.

Kinda late to the party tho, truely enjoyed the game !!! XD, the story didn't feel that rush and the pacing is also cool but it's too short *sadge.
 it felt like an opening for a great adventure and bigger story.. do you guys plan to expand the lore of this vn ? like making a rpgm or another visual novel? 

This meaty body is very cozy indeed, Keep up the good work!

I made a full playthrough of your game for fun! very interesting management game!, that ending tho.. 
there's actually a bug where when you transferred to a new stage the text box is not showing any text, so need to exit and reenter the stage again.
other than that a very cool game :D

No prob! ayy another cat girl gif into my collection