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Is it topping only as male? Haven't had the option for anything else.

Whats the difference between Rainy Skies and Rainy Skies(Mable Version)?

Lust Doll+ was really good so want to try one of these next but not sure which to go for

Congrats!!!!! Definitely deserve the recognition for this one!

What an enjoyable little adventure! Somewhat dissapointed there are no other comments here for such a wonderful little game! I figured I'd let you know atleast one person has played and appreciated this gem.

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Absolutely loving that pre alpha demo. Great mix of horror and nsfw goodness! Hope the horror elements carry through in development, escaping game over room was exhilarating in ways I've never seen from a porn game. Wish I could aim and move at the same time though, really let me get my nerves on edge as I shuffle down a corridor with the flashlight out. Creates more opportunities for sneakier enemies like the kobold too. Games got some serious atmosphere, enough I made an account just to post this.

Gonna be one hell of a good game through and through. Immensly impressed! Never did figure out the grapple game though.