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So cuuuuuuute !

- Added a new example mod, "Victiore". ("Victiore" is basically French for "You Defeated")

Saw several issues in the game with french translation... maybe you should check with other french players.

Thank you to all the team for this amazing game. The game is so clean, fun and punchy that's insane. Really inspiring, cheers!

Thanks man :)

Five badasses and a Gundillac in a zombie hell.

Double Kick Heroes is an explosive metal rhythm game set in an apocalyptic world. Lead your band on a roadtrip through the wasteland! Blast zombies with your Gundillac and crush them with the power of Metal. Coming on Steam,, PC, Mac & Linux in 2017.

You can try the demo on the page

Official Website :
Twitter :
Facebook :
Instagram :

Feel free to ask me any question or my fav metal song ;)

Hey there!

I realized that I gave 0 news about the game here, on Sorry for that :'(

The game is still in the making and we recently released a video showcasing our latest efforts. We'll be coming with a vertical slice / private closed alpha during December. Then we may do an Refinery early access. Stay tuned here and on the social networks for further informations.

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Hey there!

We're currently in the process of revealing Double Kick Heroes and the upcoming update. We're preparing all the assets and the trailer to show you what we've been working on so far. We really plan to make a fun rhythm game about metal :D. Give us feedback or tell us if you're interested in the game, we always care!