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I like the momentum-based movement and controls, it gives me a great feeling of fluidity. The simple start into action is a plus too.

And it definitely doesn't suck on Linux :) (though the executable could have the execute bit set before packing the archive...)

Nice little game. Stylish and more dynamic version of the classic shooter. It's hard though... I barely managed to pass the first boss. And that glowing ball of some kind was a funny surprise.

The game seems to me carefully composed, with simple but effective graphics, uncluttered controls and interface, and an atmosphere of mystery. It gave me a flashback-feeling of Elite mixed with Another World from two-and-a-half decades ago. And that in an Asteroids-based game... strange, in a very positive way.

Even though it states "work in progress", it looks already polished. Gives me the feeling of a slick 80s arcade.

Interesting overall history of the game, from early 80s to this version... and for Linux in mid-90s? That's cool.