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Never survived longer than 8 elections.

The math surely need to be improved!

I'd like to ask if you have plans for them. English is not my mother tougue. :P

And, love your games! it's quite real, and quite easy to crash. Also love the art, it's comfortable for my eyes. :)

Is it possible to skip the dialog? I have to read them again if I mis-cliked. XP

how to start?

Thank you for your answers.

Hi, Is this game jam the first time held? I didnt find any record of former times.

I'd like to ask if it is possible to held some games on our website. Most users are super fans of incremental games.

I'd also like to have a interview of the participators if possible after jam is finished.

the website I server may be interested in having some post about this jam? Should I communicate somebody first?