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Thanks for the nice comment! I'm considering remaking the game and putting more work into it. I really don't like the unpredictable physics and the terrible track system. Maybe after some other minor projects.

I really love your game, it's one of my favourites from this jam. I always feel clever discovering what a new brain does and how to solve the level with it. Minor complaints: You do not often really need 20 or 30 color outputs when the solution is simple and has low input variety. And I would love a level selection. I did not actually finish your game because I wanted to take a longer break.

I really like the game and the connection to the episode title. I only wish my peasants would go more slowly after me.

I cannot stop imaging Nick as the character in the game. Therefore, I like it. 

A wonderful mash-up of different Idle Thumbs moments. You really have to be bored  in a special kind of way to really appreciate it.