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this is a demo. i'm out

ok thanks 

Hello. I have a problem with the games, I do not know if it is normal with the second meeting with the suspicious man after having walked through a sort of obstacle corridor once in the bedroom 2 the lamp remains dark.

tank you.

i can't select for dowload.

i can't instal the game...

poor boy. 

nice game.

bad mum bad grandma good drug funny lady.

wow that is a creepy game in I LOVE IT.

ok. dank you

wow so scarry

is like The Legend Of Zelda. i love this game

hello i haw a question. why whie can't run in the game?

holy moly this game is cute and crepee in the same thime. what is the next chapitre?.

thank you for this beautifull storry. i thing. the storry hide somthing.

... somthing special.

am happy your back ^^

what in the game is hapening... why.

no, is not a bugs... but the end of the game a so dark i mean the clown and the rabbit is killed for comming late

*sigh* i wish i whas a girl.

poor Sabrina.

wtf the end is so werd


you have to download RPG Maker 2003 RTP

i play your game and the song of kagome is in the game. is a nice easter eeg.

you are lukky

wow it's crerpy and scary. I am looking forward to the full game.

i love the demo. good job ^^

a good pixel game. my favoryt

is so sad.

for me is working 64bit Window10


not so scarry. but the game is great

To Find Myself community · Created a new topic the game

what the hell. your game are badass ,sad,cool,creepy but i love it. 

Hi Dark-Moon-YT you may need to download a software for it to work , for me it is going well

The House community · Created a new topic incompatible

This title is hosted on an incompatible third-party website

so cool. i love this game, for play righ click

so sad poor fish

i love your game. she is so cute

i love your game

i love your game

good game thank for creat it.