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what in the game is hapening... why.

no, is not a bugs... but the end of the game a so dark i mean the clown and the rabbit is killed for comming late

*sigh* i wish i whas a girl.

poor Sabrina.

wtf the end is so werd


yep, all is good.

you have to download RPG Maker 2003 RTP

i play your game and the song of kagome is in the game. is a nice easter eeg.

you are lukky

hi,I fixed the problem, I only have to extract the rar file with an app for rar file

wow it's crerpy and scary. I am looking forward to the full game.

i love the demo. good job ^^

a good pixel game. my favoryt

is so sad.

for me is working 64bit Window10


this game is short but is cool in the game say the true.

not so scarry. but the game is great

To Find Myself community · Created a new topic the game

what the hell. your game are badass ,sad,cool,creepy but i love it. 

Hi Dark-Moon-YT you may need to download a software for it to work , for me it is going well

The House community · Created a new topic incompatible

This title is hosted on an incompatible third-party website

so cool. i love this game, for play righ click

so sad poor fish

i love your game. she is so cute

i love your game

i love your game

good game thank for creat it.

i love it.

ok good

is a japanesse game ?

i love this game

why this games is in the category free if you have to pay

thank you for this game i am a big fan of touhou