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i have a bug i think

why this game is in the free catégories if is NOT free

i don't need demo

Ivan you are a genius and no am no't on a hurry. ;)

omg this game are so creepy

short and fun 

ok,  dank you

hi sam-tail,

how can i delecte my old save?

hum i brock the game...

i give a try

court . mais sait un bon jeu.

cool, je l'instal et je y joue

enfin un jeux en français. merci

why is a abodoned is the tunel or the game ?

the end is so sad, my heart is broken frome the word, i wish tha the full game is more longer.

too gay for me. but is a nice game.

dud your game is wtf lol

is a demo.

Hello, it will be nice if we can see that the censorship is disabled in the menu with the date of ease which will confirm the age of the player. Otherwise the games and not bad there is potential, I have a small suggestion, the size of the chest could it be modifiable in the games.

is so sad the end is so sad :'( 

press f4

good and creepy boo! spooky

wow is lick the fist game one nintendo color dank you for de good memory.

good game Suplex

(1 edit)

hi devloper your game look good but i can't download.

hi, i can't download.

this is a demo. i'm out

tank you.

i can't select for dowload.

i can't instal the game...

poor boy. 

nice game.

bad mum bad grandma good drug funny lady.

wow that is a creepy game in I LOVE IT.

ok. dank you

wow so scarry

is like The Legend Of Zelda. i love this game

hello i haw a question. why whie can't run in the game?

holy moly this game is cute and crepee in the same thime. what is the next chapitre?.

thank you for this beautifull storry. i thing. the storry hide somthing.

... somthing special.