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Hey! Just watched your play through! This was amazing! Thank you very much! I am really glad you enjoyed the game. Keeps up my enthusiasm ><

 Carinam、thank you very much for this interesting and constructive comment. I took note of many things you said and for sure will be present in my mind while developing the game. I am sorry for any bug encountered during gameplay. Bugs is one of the reasons I want to migrate into web based development. In this way I will have much more control over the code. Lets keep in touch!

Sorry for my late reply. I am glad you have enjoyed the demo! Right now I am working to make the game web based. Soon I will let you know about times! Meanwhile, keep on studying! がんばって!

maxgraze, thanks for your reply... I will try to replicate this error and let you know once I found out how to solve the issue. 

On the other hand, now I am working on making the game web based. But this will take me some. Stay tuned!

Hi! Sorry for this late reply. This is a peculiar season, isn't it? It should be possible to still play! But what do you mean by "open it on max".

Great game!

You can script  and make your own plugins or modify (if available) other's plugins

I used RPGMMV and lots of great plugins that are around there. 

Hey! Thanks for checking it out!