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Good concept but graphics are still not eye catching enough, this needs a much better color palette. A mini map would be welcome as well. I didn't find any bugs and I was able to use the tongue after talking to a npc but I didnt play much longer due to the graphics.

Nice party micro game. Well done!

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Hey! Good concept just add that restart button as you mention. I can restart by refreshing with F5 but it is a bit frustrating to reload hole game each time.

Some feature suggestions:
-SFX with turn on and off button
-Show current score during game
-Choose seed (blank is random)

Enjoyable, maybe a different name though

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That was enjoyable, good luck in the jam!

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Taswell approves

Nice game to play some minutes. Enjoyable <3

I enjoyed so much! Thanks for this great game!

Could you add a level selection screen? It would be awesome!

U B E R !

Excelent concept and execution. This game is amazing!

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Nicely done, new follower!

I said "the game was" but i meant "the theme was"

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Here is my feedback :)

Well done. Here is my first impressions on this game. Hope you find some useful feedback!