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Took me two hours to beat hell level 7. I appreciate the checkpoints very much thank you.

I rate 4 twenties for the ending.

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It was a really interesting platformer since there is a halfway state when jumping onto corners where you can dangle on them, but there is no parity so certain sections of the map are unfair and are blind jump -- the issue could be solved by fixing the parity to have down be the reverse parity to crawl down onto a ledge from a flat standing position to pan the camera.

Blocking was pretty much pointless and at times the developer can make sections absolutely brutal for people who don't want to take damage. There is a section in which there is a low ceiling and a manticore and some flying enemies backwards -- the flying enemies are timed just perfectly to prevent the player from just jumping over the manticore so as to force a fight. It is also highly unfair that the projectiles go through solid surfaces when the player has no projectiles or means of actually preventing damage.
Blocking doesn't actually prevent damage, just basically thirds it, so it doesn't encourage much use or at all especially notable in 'fight' sections or the boss fight. This could be remedied by putting in a back dash, since forcing the player to take damage to pass is entirely nongranular and between unfair and boring, or it's just me and the game isn't designed with me in mind as I'm not an avid or hardcore player.

The boss fight was really neat, but there is no crouch which means a third of the attacks are unavoidable to what looks like was designed to be a crouch dodge, but there is no crouch.

The shoryukens are pretty pointless at the moment since it is not good for tight platformers as well as a lack of enemies that make it viable besides some ceiling slimes and the one manticore.

Pretty neat overall, the mechanics presented were interesting but lacked parity in other actions. The game seemed stiff as there were not many movement or viable attacking options, but overall a fun one time playthrough as it stands, but I would probably not revisit it in the future if this was a final version.

My suggestions are to add more movement tech, such as a backdash, a crouch, and hold onto ledge from a standing position which would solve a bunch of parity issues as well as open many more systems to mess with such as a potential for crawling thorough 1 wide tiles. Also a better combat system because if blocking does not prevent damage, then it should be more fair that enemies do not have supernatural projectiles, vision, a superior attacking speed, and a larger attack hitbox than the player to spurn the player. Also having a diagonal up and a diagonal down attack from facing without moving from the position of standing would alleviate my issues with some corner sections that were created.

Fun to play for a demo, but stiff.

There are web app wrappers at the very least, so if you do go for a webGL, you can generate an apk from say electron or something