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A truly beautiful and adorable game. The music was so nice and the art-style is simple yet amazing! I loved it! It's short, yes, but so cute and a tad bit sad... Are you planning to expand this project? I would love more levels and more story for the little brave Fox :)
Feel free to take a look at  my video of it!

I would be honored if you check it out! :)

It's such a lovely game! I really enjoy it and actually do an Gameplay. I highly recommend it if you want to play a nice and cute romantic game for a welcomed change of pace. I love it

I made an gameplay of it and it was fun but like I said very short I hope they will be an update with more!! :)

That was good! Now I'm wondering if I missed something or not even after the second playing... I'm curious for a second chapter!
I made a playthrough of it and I hope you don't mind [if so please tell me and I'll take it down] of course I put the link to the game here into the description

I'm Lost community · Created a new topic Wow!

The game gave me some creeps. It's well done and I did a gameplay about it [I hope it's okay with the developer if not, tell me and I'll take it down] It got me a bit nervous at some part and it got a important message!!

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thank you very much :3 here's the link to my gameplay
if you'd like, check it out

Hello there! I played it and it looks pretty amazing so far. I'm making Let's play (pretty new to it as well) and wanted to ask if it's okay if I upload the gameplay I made of course with an link to the game. It was a pretty nice experience although it quite short but nevermind that I had fun playing it and I think it got potential!