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please don't

I just so randomly played the game, finished end 1-4 in order with guide, saw the ending words on screen, and immediately left a comment here. Thank you for your effort making this game and heart-warming words.

Edited: I now have completed all endings and I pretty like the idea that you cant change the structure of your brain to make it follow social norms. I'm so tired of people saying "oh it's just a matter of time" or "you'll get used to it" or sentences like that. People around me are always expecting me to change - and they are happy to see my improvements, happy to know that I have the faux ability to change for better. Idk maybe I am indeed used to it in some way. So sad :(

(BTW is it possible to add a feature that allows players to choose from unlocked images for the main menu? The image of end 8 is a bit too bright for my eyes and it remains as the final ending I locked.)



(Any chance the game text can be a bit bigger? )

Finished all endings. Love the visual effects (I'm not a fan of monsters but hey these visual effects are really good). Not gonna give any spoilers here, but I must admit that the mirror grinder, "women hold up half the sky" and spicy strips made me laugh out loud.

Sorry for the delay (I've been too busy lately><) and here's the link ->

好的! 也謝謝您能給予授權! 在翻譯並上傳bilibili之後,我會把那邊的link也發過來~

bilibili的賬號名稱是「小御門」(komikado的日語寫法),以前翻譯過的其他作品可以點擊我的itch個人主頁! 關於想要的授權範圍是這樣沒錯(我還沒有開始錄屏),因為覺得還是作者本人最有資格在作品裡加入中文啦www 最後非常感謝回复!The Simplified Chinese community can sometimes be hostile, so I was actually very stressed about asking for a translation permission.

您好,我是在steam上偶然發現的這款遊戲,已經達成全成就(最後一個畫面掛斷通話退出遊戲是天才設計!)。請問我可以將這款遊戲翻譯成簡體中文,並將游戲錄屏上傳到bilibili嗎?我會好好加上credits!如果不希望的話就打擾了,but again it's a good game!


Hello! I'm wondering if you are interested in adding a Simplified Chinese translation to Graveyard Girls, which I would be happy to provide a free translation for ^^

I first saw your game on itch a year ago before it was on Steam, at which time I had the desire to translate. However, I was new to game translation back then and I didn't want to ruin your work with my inexperience. Now, after a year of practice, I feel that I'm finally prepared. I hope you could give me permission to translate Graveyard Girls and share it with more Chinese-speaking players. I fully understand if you prefer not to have a translation since this game is very personal to you.

Thank you!

Sent it :D

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Idiot, it's the fifth floor!!XD

(And I'm wondering if you are interested in adding a Simplified Chinese translation to your game, which I would be happy to provide a free translation for. Thank you!)

Not the cook. Not the gardner. They could be lying but they dont seem to have a motive. Now everyone else seems sus and my brain cells are dead :(



Incredible art style and I really enjoyed the game! Btw is the sound fx wooden fish?

.- --.- ..- .- .-. .. ..- --

Please. I need to see the full game. Now. *screaming*

Ah this is the very first game I played made by TeamANPIM. It is the art that attracted me to download your games (idk why but the art kinda reminded me of FLOWERS, a Japanese yuri game series aka my fav), and all of a sudden, 有中文了!Thank you Tomomi-san!

The opening was very straightforward, something like "Are you a lesbian? Come on I know you are a lesbian and I'm a lesbian too. Marry me Be my gf!" A bit of nonsense at the beginning, and then everything just goes -- SUPER CUTE *SCREAMING*!!! 5 stars!


# Spoilers WARNING

# A not-possible-in-ANPIM's-game cliche alternative bad ending

# Thankfully ANPIM ALWAYS makes good endings, so 100% recommand! (I am a shallow person haha)

Deep in the night when you found yourself liking a girl. Then she received a love letter from, say, a somewhat handsome and popular boy. There's little chance that she will like you back. So yea, you said to her, go meet him at New Year's night.

Confession, marriage, expecting a baby, all between she and that nameless boy. You ran into her at that big maneki neko ten years later, with a child holding her hand. "Just wanted to let you know that I loved you in high school." She whispered to you in your ear. But look at her playing happily with her child, so again, no regret.