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Yea I got the surrender mode. Of course I lost my items when I did that.

I dont really even mind dying except the map doesnt really tell you where you currently are so getting back to where i was building didnt really work out.

I also get that eventually you would get to know the island etc etc. I just really dislike ganking and was making the point that alot of players dont want to play like that.

None of which takes away from the work you have done and how good the game is so far. I like how right now Zombies cant get up stairs too well. lol

Wake up - Check

Find Shrooms to eat - Check

Find Water - Check

Read the notes - Check

Find grave and Win!! - Check!

hehe I kid, I kid.

So far pretty good. With not many, or any, features it hard to judge.

Having said that. Art work seems to be pretty good, a little clipping and such but good. It's smooth and doesn't stutter so thats good.

Waiting on more to eveluate.

"Getting Good" is hardly a relevant point when your getting killed by a person that has dozens of hours of developement on the server.

It's like a level 1 fighting a level 100. There's always going to be people that have nothing better to do with their life and game character than to kill low level characters and thats fine as long as there is a way for regular users to enjoy the game outside of those types of people.

My comment was aimed at the Developer to bring a game to people that appeals to more than a small (and PvP players are a small portion) nitch part of the market.

Would be nice to be able to turn PvP off. I dont really enjoy getting ganked over and over again.

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