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Thanks for playing this game!

Spoilers ahead:

To get past that, you just need to activate it for the wings, not the legs. Then you will have increased flight time and will be able to get past that gap.

iRead! hehe

I really liked the darker palette. Fit really well for this entry.

I usually do the opposite: I start analog, pen and paper, and then go to implement things (especially game/level design). It helps especially if you are working with a team, which was not your case. The other way around is super fun as well, though, and this time I got to beast mode one hour before the deadline (after I was done with work). Good times.

Good job on the jam!

I also struggled with motivation this time around, but we had a breakthrough ,halfway through Sunday, and that got us excited once again.

All the feels! 
Really enjoyed playing through this, and congrats on the delivery.

It is really easy to see a lot of polish and love went into making this. Felt so relatable as well.

Lovely graphics and sounds, and writing, and pacing <3. 

Agreed. It was my first experience using this camera plugin, I was having fun experimenting with that. I believe I did pass the feelings I wanted to the player in some parts, with the zoom effect, especially the most claustrophobic bits. Since this was a jam entry, though, I did not want to make any design/gameplay changes after submission.

Good luck with your project o/


Thank you for making this asset! Really enjoyed working with it.

I'm linking the project I made using it, which you have already seen, but here it goes: