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You don't. You just last as long as possible building walls

Indeed, I said it with good intentions. 

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Admittedly we didn't properly get the theme in. We wanted to do a rhythm thing, but we didn't manage to get it into gameplay. We started with a rhythmic, regular flow through the levels, but found a run and gun approach was considerably more fun. So much so that we just went with it rather than throwing the game out and starting with another idea. Not the best option, but hey - it's a fun game in the end, and was far better than what I expected we could produce as a team.

You cheeky bastards.

8 bit is 256 colours. It is actually 4 bit, that is 16 (2^4)

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We did not. It is royalty free - we are checking on the license now and will credit the author if it is not CC0

UPDATE: We have found the license and have credited the author of the music in the description.