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Tao Nightfall

A member registered Jul 10, 2019

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That's a good explanation since I am french and lives in France . Now that the issue is fixed, I can finally play and it looks amazing ! Thank you very much to you all and I hope everyone have a great day =D


Thank you for your response. I am running the PC version and the number on the escape menu is v1.1.0.190702.


I downloaded the game on steam and everything was fine before launching the game. I just started the introduction and I am blocked. At the very beinning, after the text box says "There is a Rhythm in the chamber, a beat and a flow which has always been. It is the only way you can tell between sleeping and waking; when awake, you can feel the Rhythm, an when asleep, you cannot. Which time do you enjoy most?" No choices is shown or can be made. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, pushed every single key on my keyboard, clicked everywhere onthe screen and turned Off and On my computer but the bug is still here and i cannot go anyfruther in the game.  I can still scroll the text and put the text box down and up but i can't do anything else. 

Thank you for your time and looking forward to your response.