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the style, the atmosphere, sound effect, and the gameplay is really good and smooth, had lots of fun playing this game.

thanks for watching my playthrough, it really made my day, and it's all good, i manage to beat the boss off camera.

Great game! the jumpscares got me lol, love the pixel graphics style and love the physics engine in this game lol.


This is my first time experiencing a second person horror game, and i gonna say, this game is great! I love the concept and puzzles. it is really fun to play!

great game! I like how everytime you wake up, somethings change, giving the pt vibes, and encountering the monster was very terrifying, overall, i rate it 7/10

love the atmosphere, the voice acting and the grahpics, the only problem I'm having is, everytime the ghost appeared, my fps start to drop, but overall it's a great game!

very interesting and spooky horror game.

great game! it's pretty funny to throw the baby around, and the baby doing the t-pose killed me lol.

a very interesting and spooky game, all the jumpscares got me hard lol, but overall it's a great game.


great game! simple and fun, and it's very frustrating and keep making me mad lol, but overall it's fun to play.


Interesting game! I've never played a game with this unique mechanic, game is very frustrating but overall is a great game!

Great game! it was really creepy when the blood demon was starring at me, while in the bathroom, I wished the story were longer, but overall it's a great game!

This game is great! after encountering the monster in the hallway, kinda made me scared, because it was dark, and couldn't find him at all lol,

overall, I would rate it 7/10.

This game is great! I've never seen a intro like that in a horror game before, I love the style, sounds effect, voice acting and the smooth gameplay! I'm looking forward for episode 2 :)

no, thank you for making this game :), and thanks for the compliment.

damn, the maze was messing up with my mind man lol, took my 5-6 minutes to finish the maze. But overall, the game is great!

Damn, it was real creepy as I entered the building, the atmosphere/sound effect and game style made it real spooky. I was so scared at the part, where the dude was walking, making loud footsteps. Overall it's a good game.

It’s a cheap jumpscare but it was very unexpected, that’s why it scared me so hard lol. Overall, it’s a great game, I’m looking forward for episode 3. :)

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this episode was a huge improvement from the last episode. loved the style, storyline and the jumpscare. also loved both ending, and the zombie look pretty terrifying. the Kate Purnell jumpscared got me hard lol.

I be looking forward for episode 3 

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No, thank you for making this game and yessss, I'll be playing episode 2 tomorrow

I loved playing this game, very simple and fun, can't wait for episode 2.

Great game! the atmosphere/style were good, I love the style of this game because I'm a fan of the PS1 horror game, can't wait to play the full release.

Great game! the setting and the atmosphere is good, but the background music doesn't fit in, and I don't know if I'm the only one having this problem, i been having fps drop at the dead body with all the mannequins around with the torch on. anyways it a good game either way.

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I really enjoy the game, it had a interesting visual style, and the atmosphere is really good, I also liked the VHS visual, but it would be good, if I had enough time to read the text for the start and the ending. Here's my gameplay! :)

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This game is great! this game style is my favourite because it giving me the resident evil and silent hill vibes, which I really love! Can't wait to play the full release!

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I'm going to be honest, this probably one of the best indie horror game I played yet, the graphics is really good for a indie horror game and the atmosphere is good too.

here's my gameplay

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Just played your game and record it, it was good, it's pretty dark when you progressed through the game, but I having problems with the fps when i go outside of the house. But I enjoy the game anyways.

here's my gameplay:

I'm going to be honest, I love the atmosphere, graphics, design, sound effect, story, and voice acting, this game is just beautiful, can't wait for the full release :).  

Here's my gameplay!

Great game! It was confusing at first, but i figured it out, this game kinda reminded me of the scp containment breach with all this weird looking creatures escaping and then started killing people in this research lab but its a great game and i enjoyed it 

Here's my gameplay!

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Out of all the Siren Head game I played, this is probably one of the best I played yet. Here's my gameplay.

Thanks for the feedback. :)

thank you for making this game, had lots of fun while playing the game, as I progress during the game, the story got darker and darker, 

here is my gameplay.

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I decided to record me playing the game, and it was scary and creepy. 

Here is my game-play