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Thanks for your feedback. I'd have loved to add some sounds and music, but ran out of time. I'll try to improve my time management for the next jam...

Thanks for the explanation. I'll have a look at that Youtube video in the next few days, I'm always interested in the theories and background stories of gaming.

The idea is creative and fun. I think it needs a little more polish though. For example, the number of additional snowboarders and the amount of coins seem to be completely random - in some runs I had two or three riders after a few seconds and loads of coins, in other runs almost nothing spawned. Also I encountered a few bugs, like additional snowboarders not starting to move. But that's what happens in time limited jams... still a fun gameplay idea.

To be honest I didn't quite get the game mechanic, but maybe that's because I haven't played clicker games yet.

You have to press A/D together with the space key - the player only moves while jumping. To be honest those controls were a bit too weird for my taste.

Thank you! The premise is definitely simple, but there were more technical problems to solve than I thought. It was a good learning experience for future projects with a bigger scope.

Unique controls, being able to operate both skis separately. And those bears... hilarious! I had fun!

Hey, someone else had the idea to roll a red ball down a hill... I like that! :)

Unfortunately controlling the ball is a bit hard. You should've made the controls relative to the camera, not in fixed world directions.

Nice idea with the nostalgia games! In my opinion it's a bit too hard and a bit too reliant on luck. In ten attempts I only made it to the third "level" once.

I can confirm that the game doesn't work well in the browser - had to download it in order to play properly.

The visuals and the sound are great, so is the shooting mechanic. I don't quite understand the meaning of the motorcycle though - it would've been nice if it had any meaning for the gameplay (other than being the target for the drones). The way it is right now, you don't have to worry about your steering of the bike, it can even land upside down without any consequences. 

I like the crazy, creative idea and the art style. For me, it was a bit too difficult and I would've preferred to aim my shot (or at least shoot in a straight horizontal line instead of the arc). 

By the way: I almost made the same mistake and used the thema of the previous jam, I just noticed my error in time. :)

I know I could've balanced it a little better and I also had a lot of other ideas (like power ups), but I ran out of time. Also, no sounds or music... There's only so much free time when you have to work a full time job along the way! :P

Thanks for playing and commenting!

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I'm sorry, but it won't run for me. If it's made in Unity, why don't you publish it as a WebGL browser game?

Enjoyed it and made it to almost 12,000 points. I liked finding out about the different tricks with the multi-key combos. Nice pixel art and animation too.

I ate 107 humans and must say... I enjoyed it!

Nice idea! Controls seemed a bit inconsistent at times, but still an impressive implementation, considering it was done in just three hours. 

Really nice game! I like the art style and the gameplay mechanic, also the music was good for something that you made yourself for a one week jam. I took me a little while to get used to the controls, but I really enjoyed the journey!

Simple concept, but fun with the speed and difficulty increasing over time. I liked the 8-bit style good vibes music. High score was 6794, but I might try again later, once the other entries have been rated. :)

Thank you, I appreciate it. I already know this is going to be a regular thing for me, I got so much fun creating, playing and rating! :)

Nice idea, I loved the look and the procedural level generation.

Congrats to your first game jam entry! The game is tough, you should have added some checkpoints. :)

Nice idea and well polished!

I like the general idea and the colorful visual style with the basic shapes. The controls could be a little more responsive though, with a little less inertia. Made it to level five...