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I didnt know you guys talked personaly


infinate score

I ckiled R to light up a block and restarted

time sped up and the universe ended. Do i still get the artifact?

So very true

12 first try, 5 every time after that

Great game though. At the same time it was fun to spam the click button until I got the drop.

*Brute forces lights*

Fun fact, depending on the order you place them, this doesn't work. Order: Right roller, bottom spinner, top spinner, left roller.

it took FOREVER to get the sprinkler

I FINALLY GOT XOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im on chrome and it happens EVERY TIME

also, what does cycles mean

i "beat" the first level but it wont show any other level.

me three

It's on the bottom row. Maybe yours got glitched, if it still doesn't work, could you send a picture?

i am now at 1.00 % heat. 400K=boiling.

loved it!

10:00 exactly!! thats awesome

Its great and really mind bending. By the way, The game was great!

Its like TENET

how do you move the boxes to another island

how do you restart

I have -2 villigers and 10000 coins. I think im good for now

It took me 180...   :(

i love the xkcd reference

how do you remove your soul?????

i cant get past the part wiht spikes on the floor and ceiling at the begining

Beat the game, got all the gnomes, had a great idea: "What if I trap myself in?" Game crashes due to pathfinding issues.

Found it(very clever)

I've tried every key (Including the ones that are down...I dont want to give it away) but which key do I use.

Make that three

I accidentaly got two shapes while trying for the cross

Thank you!


I love it. Such fun problem solving.

thats mean

I love xkcd

If I jump right here I get softlocked.

The stars are so cool