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The third felt the easiest

Second is pretty easy once you know the rule

Well I beat the first level.

Id love more levels, it was very fun!

I use ps next, with kinda braching level select depending on your needs, and has mouse support, and larger sprite sizes. Among other things. You should join the thinky puzzle games discord, we could talk easier there :D

update: it's possible with a fork of puzzlescript if your ok with that sort of thing.

Cool stuff is possible in puzzlescript. If you go in more detail about the mechanics, I might be able to do it :)

Fun maze :D

This is like those real life times when you try to push a pull door. Fun game :)

Maybe the harder levels would need these, but tool like moving steps around, or "teleporting" blocks just invalidate the moves.

Beat it, and enjoyed it. Your code is a work of art :)

More fun the longer you play :)

Is this still in development? A lot of the tools dont seem useful.

88. Beat the creator, but I still can do better.

98. A little more...

116. I need a better design

212. Long way to go

Im not going to look at the images (so I can figure it out) but those are amazing scores!

Fun game!

398. woo

Havent started, but I bet itll be fun.

The chances are lower now :(

hmmm avoid the bullets.

I believe the term "perfect" would fit better.

49. Now my dancing is as good as the game: 10/10

51 is a 9. Close.

53 is an 8. Better.

57 on first try, Im going to fixe that.

Pulsing maybe?

Minesweeper was my favorite :

are you still stuck?

Just casually shoving your bicycle to the ground to rotate it.

Fun game!

you might want to spoiler

Fun game!

What have you done? :

this is a struggle to play on mobile

nice game. I played on mobile, and it was still very fun.

cool game either way

It has a weak spot.