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I wonder if it's because the file has a different name. Maybe try downloading it from the website. 

I didn't realise the update would send an email to everyone, oops! Big new update, I'm going to wait to post patch notes until the released version comes out, but you can find the current patch notes in-game.

You can long tap the hero portrait to bring up the full panel

Cool! Nice and short, love the art style and music. Most things were very intuitive.

There's a horrible loud sound when I start the app, my poor ears.

Hi! No you cannot fullscreen though maybe you can maximise the window? Fullscreen coming next update one day maybe...

You have to buy again.

Synchronisation is possible but it's buggy, check options on title screen.

Thanks for this, I'll try to improve Linux export next time, it's not great that you need a JDK lol

Thanks! The $$$ is the same on the play store. Free demo with single purchase for the full game.

I think I've answered before but it's way down there so I should put another answer up!

I don't really know about this stuff yet, I'm going to think about it once I release on more platforms (hopefully steam/ios). 

For now, you have to buy again if you bought on Google Play and want to play on PC. You should be able to transfer achievements over if you do using the copy/load progress feature.

Haha, I love it when people have a nemesis! I hope you manage to beat them some day :)

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Super cool! Thanks for making this :)

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You need to choose heroes for that mode unlock, rejected heroes just get added to your seen list. (I think)

I had another report like this once, I'll have to run some tests (and nerf sorcerer)

Full screen is coming in the next update, don't know when that is though :)

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not yet, coming one day

Yep! On the title screen, click options and there's a clipboard progress thing.

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Hi! This sounds like an issue with, I hope you can sort it out.

I'm glad you're enjoying it! 

"The ability to loop after beating the final boss" - have you tried curse mode? : )

This is a common sentiment and I understand the frustration, I'll think about it!

They're both on my list of things to try to fix : )

Good question, I don't know yet!

The secret achievements are things I want to pop-up at fun moments that happen naturally. A lot of them don't really make sense if you specifically try to complete them. Though I hear this feedback a lot so maybe I'll find some other way!

Thank you! I think you're right, unfortunately it's not likely because the current game engine does not support it. iOS & Steam are coming next

Oh damn I missed this! Thanks for the showcase, I'll check it out on your archives.

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Yeah I was worried about that a bit... I'll remove it from the next version. (it is done)

Hi! I'm working on update at the moment that has a bit of extra content. There are lots of difficulty levels, including curse mode which you can unlock by beating the full game on hard : )

I have some plans to add more content in the future but I cannot promise anything.

Thanks for the report, I'm working on an update at the moment and have fixed this.

Nice! <3

Cool twist on the sudoku format! Some of these flowers look a bit strange :D

I think your "impossible" mode might be accurately named, has anyone managed to beat it?

Really cool! I love the dice grid, it feels like there's a lot of design space with it.

I'm glad you still like the game after all these changes! Thanks for your helpful comments.

I love that you even figured out the input detection change :D

Super cool! I love how much gameplay you managed to get from combining simple mechanics. 

Thanks for playing! I really love that feeling too and I try to balance to make it happen.

Aha! The randomness is caused by a pattern potentially being valid in multiple combinations so one is picked at random.  Only the top rule of the last one I posted is sufficient to get that sort of behaviour.

This one is a bit langton's ant-y! Very cool idea for a game, thanks for making it.

Incredible, thanks so much to the whole team for your amazing sequel!

Sweet, thanks for the in-depth reports and stuff

1) cool bug, I had a theory about what caused it and managed to replicate it. 

2) the equipping code needs a look at I think, I'm a bit worried there's maybe a way to duplicate items haha. I will try to figure that one out and also stop you from being offered the same item twice.

Lots of good points in the text wall. I think orange upgrades are worse because I overvalued poison damage a bit, it's quite weak in non-boss fights. Replacey sides getting unusable is sorta intended, I think I need to make it clear that you have them equipped after upgrading though; it's very easy to leave them equipped by mistake. Rescue is overpowered but fun, I'm lucky this isn't a competitive game!

Nice, thanks for checking it out!

I'm planning lots of fun stats, I'll see if I can think of a good way to incorporate a hall of fame :)

Great job; I watched your dragon fight and it's clear you understand the game perfectly. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your run!

I like your QoL ideas, I think I need to optimise for desktop better, I can use mouse-over to display information too.