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Cheers, glad you like it Jupi : )

Cheers kWeb! There's a third game too, but then I ran out of time a bit.

Great entry, was fun flinging them all to the left and also the radio.

Feels kinda bad and unfinished, sorry! I didn't feel like I was waiting for a game to load either.

Ahhh what a horrible game my arm hurts you are a bad person! 5/5 disrespect

Pretty bare-bones, would have been cool with a bit more polish and content!

Excellent interpretation of the theme, great job!

It doesn't really feel like it fits the theme all that well. The physics felt pretty dodgy in places but the actual game concept is goofy and fun!

Cool idea, I loved how the loading bar was part of the game.

Cool concept, good job making the loading bar a gameplay element. Plus it was nice of you to make landing on the shell not count as it hitting you : )

Didn't have much juice, felt a bit boring to play. I like the way the crosshair is a spinny loading thing though.

I didn't have any lag but the collisions felt bad to me. Most of the time when I died it felt unfair. I also didn't really feel like there was a game loading while I was playing.

The music was neat though!

Maximum disrespect rating for this! I love how when you flip 180 degrees the controls reverse haha.

Great job incorporating the loading bar into the gameplay!

Haha what a cool concept to have an actual raytracer : D

The game itself isn't much fun but it's better than a boring loading screen!

Cool idea to have multiple games. Unfortunately spacebar is also picked up by the game page and scrolls down which is very annoying. I'm sorry you didn't manage to finish.

Doesn't fit the theme of the jam very well. And it's just flappy bird : (

Pretty cool. Difficult to control due to the map being zoomed out though.

Pretty great! I escaped with 8 deaths. It was a cool touch the way certain elements got loaded in while you were playing. I really really hate that middle jump though, you dick.

Oh my god I just noticed the pun as I closed the tab you're a monster!

Excellent game, great music and sounds, cute gameplay. I love how the tv floats slightly above you when you jump!

I have no idea what is going on here! Maximum disrepect for misspelling the game file though :D

Nice, I love the message you get when you win : D

The controls don't feel very good and the "explode" mechanic doesn't really add much. I also feel like it starts too-suddenly to get an idea of what's going on. Other than that it's great!

Super cool! The sounds work really well and I've never played a minigame like this before. I feel like it would be more fun if the loading bar was longer, it ends just as I'm getting into it.

Sweet music! But I agree with madmarcel: it really doesn't fit the jam theme.

Cool idea, I feel like the game suffers from not being aligned to a grid though; the collision(loss)-detection feels bad and "off"

It's ok! Would play when waiting for a game to load!

Pretty cool! I wish that the loading circle affected the gameplay though.

Nice, it's a cool idea to have a "toy" in the loading screen rather than a game.

Nice idea, I couldn't manage to dodge a single block though. Maybe I got the controls wrong?

Cool concept. The controls for the game are pretty weird though. Plus I had the "guns" overlay stay up while I was playing the game. Great job for a first jam though!

I don't really get the story behind it but it's cool that you stop the loading in order to play the game : )

Cool game, didn't really feel much like a loading screen game though. Hard to put my finger on why though. I guess it felt a bit too extensive with the scrolling screens?

Wow, I have no idea what was going on in the hex puzzle. It was cool though.

But seriously the key game is fucked up I explored the whole city and I still have no idea how the physics in that game works, haha!

Holy shit, this game.

I can't believe how many minigames you put in this is amazing.

Crazy game, interesting take on the theme. Good choice of music.

All the minigames work but I had to check the help and replay some of them a couple of times until I got it!

Ahh it made my screen go crazy (maybe trying to go fullscreen?)

It didn't really feel anything like a loading screen when I was playing. Interesting way of making the game more challenging over time : )

Excellent concept! I love how this could potentially speed up the loading of the game, if only by the tiniest amount.

Boo, didn't even have a fake loading bar during the loading screen! Really cool idea to make a loading screen for an existing game you're working on though!