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portrait mode is in my dev version, coming one day

I got 114 with robin- I like how different robin’s passive make the game. (Inkwell is very powerful!)

no idea, try the free demo to find out

I saw you on top of every leaderboard damorend nice. I have wasp #1 now though

I got 124, regaining my rightful #1 spot, briefly. I imagine in a week someone will have >500.

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Who is Ezra?? this is not fair, I can’t beat you :D test

Maybe you have the play store one installed, try deleting it and installing the full version from itch.

Love it, thanks so much for creating and sharing it! I got stuck with the names in the survey, (LeoMax instead of Max). It made me smile when it lets you through regardless eventually :D

I responded to this as a devlog post :)

They are the same

enemy ticks: 82 I wonder if 50 is possible!

I really enjoyed this game! Terry is extremely powerful, you feel like a god. I like moving fast so the unique movement mechanic appealed to me.

I love this game, thanks for creating it!

demo is a mode in the full game, click “modes” on the title screen

book -> stats -> unlocks -> copy/load achievements

Yes, check book-stats-unlocks

Trying again now

rip still getting spammed, will re-enable some time

Or days, let’s see how it goes.

There’s been a lot of spam and nfsw comments recently so I’m disabling comments for now… Maybe I’ll try re-enabling in a few weeks.


The full version should have "modes" on the right of the title screen

Weird, that should be a manual save thing. The file to delete is users/xii/.prefs/slice-and-dice-2

you can copy/paste achievements over

no, it is lost. 

I am working on a solution to this but I don't know if it will work

Yes, check the unlocks section

The only way I know at the moment is to get a friend to gift it to you on itch, sorry...

haha, nice picture!

It actually does try to put it above but there's no room in this example. You can move your thumb whilst held down also.

email it or something

Cool thanks. I think I need to store a backup save and restore from it in these cases. I'll see what I can do. (Your save is gone forever though)

Yeah I know about this... I wish I could replicate it properly but I might be able to fix it anyway. Do you think the blue screen was related to the game?

2.0.2-beta is an older beta version, you're up to date. I think I picked version names badly!

Sorry, save file changed format from beta to release. If you find any mode that doesn't crash and play up to level 10, it should clear the new-run crash.

Good point, they're in-game but I can put them here too

I wonder if it's because the file has a different name. Maybe try downloading it from the website. 

I didn't realise the update would send an email to everyone, oops! Big new update, I'm going to wait to post patch notes until the released version comes out, but you can find the current patch notes in-game.

You can long tap the hero portrait to bring up the full panel

Cool! Nice and short, love the art style and music. Most things were very intuitive.

There's a horrible loud sound when I start the app, my poor ears.

Hi! No you cannot fullscreen though maybe you can maximise the window? Fullscreen coming next update one day maybe...

You have to buy again.

Synchronisation is possible but it's buggy, check options on title screen.