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Thanks! This was my first time trying to do some actual pixel art instead of just going for rough shapes.

What the heck? This game is so good. I love all the detailed world-building you did with the character interactions. The guitar music was nice too but your seam for the loop could be cleaned up. The movement felt juttery and annoying combined with how close the camera was. 

Really nice work.

I really love how you took the theme and put the player in control of the enemy in the game. The sounds were fun at first but became a little much as I finished the final levels. Some nice visual/audio design would bump this up to a great little game.

Great job with the theme. Having the player create their own bullet hell to dodge through is a really fun idea. I think increasing the rate of fire and player speed as well as maybe giving the player a dodge could help speed up the overall pacing.

Adding enemies that reflect bullets or interact with the player in other ways and maybe powerups that increase fire rate or give you a spread shot could be really fun too. I think this game has a lot of potential for expanding upon it.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks so much. :)

You nailed down some nice feeling controls. I especially liked your attack and spell animations. The audio was getting blown out fairly frequently and the sound overall could use some work. Great job.

Really nice atmospheric short you made. It going black at the end with no menu or text or anything seemed like a bug, had to Alt+F4 to quit after trying the door. If intentional, I'd suggest putting a really minimalistic quit/play again UI at the end or just have the program quit out instead.

Game crashed for me after hitting replay, but was a neat take on an endless runner from what I played. I think adding some SFX would kick this up another level. Nice work.

Really fun concept and impressive execution considering the short time frame. I especially liked your main menu screen. It would be really interesting to see this expanded on more with special zombie types and other layered mechanics.


This is a neat little game with a fun core concept. I think zooming out the view by a bit and/or making the map smaller would help speed up the gameplay. Nice work.

Thanks a lot for the feedback. The wagon sound effect is my favorite one too. :D The gameplay is definitely hacked on last minute, you're right about it feeling very restrictive.

I appreciate the kind words. The game definitely doesn't make it very clear what's going on.

Really excellent work on this one. I'm super impressed. I love the aesthetic and simplicity of it. You did a great job of introducing mechanics and slowly building on them over each level. Some of those levels were real thinkers. Super polished and complete for a game jam especially.

The only thing I can find to complain about is the overall sound direction but I'm just nitpicking here because the whole game is really solid.

Really liked the art and the filter placed on the camera. I also liked your approach to the theme for this week. The platforming felt a bit like an afterthought making gameplay a little stiff for me. Great job on this.

I love the hero animations and the details you put into lighting the pixel art. I get soft-locked on the fourth level.  

Really cool game. I like the way you used word puzzles in combination with running around like mad to avoid the ghosts to create a frantic experience. Everything controlled well and it was fun. I did have a crash after I finished the area with tons of graves though.

Really cool mechanic for  gameplay with swapping to the enemies. Lots of potential for layering mechanics on top of that core idea.

I like your idea for making a strategy game with resource generation and unit placement. I think you need to increase the rate that resources spawn and make the player's units more powerful. A few more unit types would be a lot of fun too. Great job.

I liked your gunshot FX and the use of the particle system for blowing up the cells. Some UI elements would be nice like a health bar and a countdown timer or score counter.

I love your victory screen illustration. The game was a really fun take on the theme. I'd rather the attack button be bound to mouse click or something that doesn't require me to have both hands crammed into one corner of the keyboard.

I liked the screen shake from the gun but the particles take up the whole screen. Tune down those particles, lower the music volume, and zoom the camera out and I think you've got a fun little game on your hands.

Great little stealth platformer. I would have liked checkpoints to make dying less painful.

I liked how the good boys would spread like a virus. I think you could make the good boys and bad boys smaller so you can have more on the screen without them all touching and immediately turning into good boys. Great job on this.

I really enjoyed the art in this. It would have been nice to have a skip feature for going through the story parts you've seen before to try and get different outcomes.

Really cool idea and execution on an editing game. Great job with the clean interface and funny writing.

I really liked the concept of switching between the two forms for tackling different situations.

I love how you used zombies you turned as extra lives and how you'd snap right into one immediately on dying to keep the pace of the game up the whole time. There were some graphics issues with your tiles showing their seams and I'm pretty sure I get hit by a few invisible torches. :P Really neat game.

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Great job on your stealth game. You should try giving the units preset cycles instead of using so much randomness so the player can watch for patterns and then try to time their movements just right.

I loved the hand drawn art and the quirky animations/interactions with the cat.

Really cool idea for gameplay that hits the theme in an interesting way. I would have liked to control the light for possessing enemies with my mouse instead of using WASD to make switching smoother.

I love your idea for doing a twist on tower defense. If you made the walkable path wider, the player would have a bit more control over dodging and movement. Great job. Game is cute as heck.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Great idea for the core mechanic and I liked how your levels were designed around it as well. Nice job.

Glad you enjoyed it.