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Thanks for the ways to fix them, but unfortuately, these work but are only temporary, as when you save the settings.sav is back and you will have to keep resetting the graphics. But thanks, because they do work!

So far, I've been playing this game for a few days, and I have already found two MAJOR bugs!

1. Lighting error

Ok, so this one is pretty common in some games, and this happens to more games than you think, but this one if HORRIFIC

I literally cant see ANYTHING inside of my house, and the outside looks horrible when this happens. The only way to "fix" this is turning your gamma up to 100%, but the lighting error also effects the pause buttons, making them look like red blobs, and that will get annoying really quick. Another way to "fix" this is to uninstall and then install again, because the Re-install button won't fix the bug! Uninstalling and Installing again also means losing everything you've done so far, and that can be very annoying!

2. Customers!!!

Ugh, I can't hate this one anymore than I already do, this game is great, don't get me wrong on that, but the Customers have a slight chance of glitching if you don't have them their weapon right. This means standing in a certain spot to be able to "correctly" give the customer their item (ex standing on their left causes the error, while standing on the right is alright). The glitch can happen a lot and it gets very annoying very quick. The first time this error happened to me was when I made a sword, and the customer left... but he didn't he walked over to the side of my house and the only reason I saw him was because my character got tired and I went to go to sleep and they were staring in through my window, this gave me a good jump scare, not going to lie. So I slept and went outside, and when I looked above there head they were still saying "Thanks!" to me for the weapon, which adds to the creepiness of what just happened. The only way to fix this bug is to push them back onto the road, once back onto the road, they should start walking like normal again. Then your next customer should come and your good to go! The reason I hate this bug so much is because it happens to me... A LOT, and to always have to keep taking the extra time to do that is super annoying!

Don't uninstall the game because of these two bus, instead, keep playing! This game is great and has amazing potential! I look forward to seeing where this game will go in the future and plan on playing for a long time! It's a very addicting game and for what it is has amazing graphics! I would definately recommend this to you despite these two major errors!


The phone lock door code is 201621175

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( SPOILER WARNING )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you can't find the code for the phone lock system, its 201621175