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Did you try killing the archers on top of the wall?

Sounds good!

Here are some ideas for the game:

Different mortar shells (each has own mortar)

1. Standard shell: Is good against castle walls and towers

2. High Explosive shell: Is good against a lot infantry, sort of good against castle walls

3. Poison shell: good against infantry, poisons infantry and animals in a radius of your choosing

Poison trap: will poison the person who walks over it (lasts 2 times before being destroyed)

Overall, it is a really good game! I also supported it on Steam Greenlight! :D


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You have to disable your antivirus, then it should work.

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There needs to be stats, like how many reds you have killed, and melee weapons such as knives in the slot were the secondary guns are, or add a different slot Overall, I really like this game! I hope it gets on steam greenlight! Keep up the good work! :D