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Tangled Wire Games

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The puzzles are really interesting and ramp up in complexity well, I'd definitely be interested in seeing more levels if you are able to continue this! The only change I would recommend is to be able to click and drag cogs from the selection rather than change them by pressing E.

Good to know that was intentional, didn't notice that in earlier puzzles but I think it's a good choice, I'll go back and give that level another go now that I know it was my own fault for not solving it 😅

This was immensley satisfying to play, I'd love to see this fleshed out with some levels or boss fights. The boost forward when your engines come back online after shooting is so cool.

Liked the game but I couldn't turn right to grab a block even when I had the right key activated if I was facing up or down in the heart level and I couldn't tell if it was a bug or designed that way and i was just failing at the puzzle.

The music and graphics are really cool and the interpretation of the theme was fun but it could with some additons to make it a bit more replayable and give better feedback to the player when you successfully catch a star (feedback on the skulls was just right though)