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A friend described this game to me, and my response was "I think that was a nightmare you had". I may not ever play this game, but thank you for that.

An adorable game, I'm so glad one of our friends recommended it to us! Your art's been an inspiration since we first saw it on Cohost ^_^

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I'm trying to get to one of the problem sites in Act II, site "[REDACTED}"- it's on an isolated mountain, with a valley on one side and hills that are too steep for the MSSIRT to climb on all other sides. How the hell do I get up there? I know it's not a bug with the game, so I asked as a thread.

Green robot was available to call, I called and then accidentally immediately hung up. What have I done?

I figured I'd ask this question here- I see that one of the starting planes is the "Geistliche X4", which I can't find. Is that a defunct variant or somesuch?

Just in case you're the type of person who likes shooting but not jumpscares, this game has a zombie chapter.

Okay, so I got killed by the police driveby the first time, but now the doctor won't... actually say anything. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do.

...but is there, say, a cute little link button I can use to link to this game? I think it's a hidden gem, and I have a page on my website for little gifs and images. A little miner trundling along would be perfect, yknow?

Stunningly difficult in all modes- nicely done.

I can't figure out how to move a piece after placing it. This makes puzzle #3 impossible. In the "controls" segment of the options, no method is provided.

Okay, so the timer ran out and I flew around for a really long time before deciding to shoot my gun once, at which point the cycle reset and the message I got at the start of the next one talked about how I "take a few more of them with me each time". I mean yeah, flying along the wall definitely means the drones die...

I'm confused. I followed the brown ships to the wall, assuming maybe they'd start shooting there, but nothing happened. Should I have shot first and asked questions later? Nothing implies the brown ships are malicious...

Remarkably easy to hit (by which I mean smack into) everything- I think it's an artifact of the reduced scale.

this is a very silly comment, but somehow I noticed that the beige color here resembles and almost behaves like gant- the color that remains after all colors are eaten. i just think that's funny :D

I imagine there's no further development or bug troubleshooting for this game, but I'm having trouble with zooming in and out too far- the land disappears and only the background is visible.

A beautiful little work.

...Even if I had to look at the source code to confirm I couldn't find [redacted].

Fooled by thinking that each upgrade only needed to be done three times. Yeesh, that's a lot of power draw...

Unfortunately the game has a binary music setting- I think the only way to lower the sound is to turn it off entirely or use your volume mixer.

hmm, that's interesting. i tend to consider games as a subset of toys defined by higher levels of interactivity, but also you're right in that this game isn't really like a sandbox game....

yes it is, hope this helps!

The funniest thing about "It's funny how the real experience over this game might be the first one" is I just did my first run and got a Gaian planet and a 12600 score, which I have to imagine is hilarious odds.

Apologies for the gushing.

Hi! Every time I try to run the .jar version, it just kinda crashes.

Hi! Tried to start the game, but it crashed both times. How do I send you crash logs?

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A scene from my most recent game: The only nation that still has "All_Will_Be_Ashes" as its status stands tall as the strongest nation in the galaxy, with over 200 stars. They are a defensive-horde state with one of the highest tech levels in the galaxy. They have had a long and storied history, starting with the original Galactic Federation Of Light, which probably brought about the horde-zealot trait.

The Masenogove Pact, spreading like a forest fire (it consumes a star, and later that star rejoins neutrality as the All_Will_Be_Ashes takes effect) and never quite dying out (all the other nations entered All_Will_Be_Ashes 41 millenia ago, and none of them remain), has remained in power for 1247 MILLENIA. For the last 41 of those, it has been in the All_Will_Be_Ashes state.

EDIT: At Millenium 1584 of Masenogove rule, they only had one star, so I decided to change their state. After 383 millenia of ALL_WILL_BE_ASHES, they almost fell.

Hey, I have my own galaxy generator and I'd like to hook it up to twitter like you did- how would I do that?


...Is there any possiblity of an easy mode?