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...but is there, say, a cute little link button I can use to link to this game? I think it's a hidden gem, and I have a page on my website for little gifs and images. A little miner trundling along would be perfect, yknow?

Stunningly difficult in all modes- nicely done.

I can't figure out how to move a piece after placing it. This makes puzzle #3 impossible. In the "controls" segment of the options, no method is provided.

Okay, so the timer ran out and I flew around for a really long time before deciding to shoot my gun once, at which point the cycle reset and the message I got at the start of the next one talked about how I "take a few more of them with me each time". I mean yeah, flying along the wall definitely means the drones die...

I'm confused. I followed the brown ships to the wall, assuming maybe they'd start shooting there, but nothing happened. Should I have shot first and asked questions later? Nothing implies the brown ships are malicious...

Remarkably easy to hit (by which I mean smack into) everything- I think it's an artifact of the reduced scale.

this is a very silly comment, but somehow I noticed that the beige color here resembles and almost behaves like gant- the color that remains after all colors are eaten. i just think that's funny :D

I imagine there's no further development or bug troubleshooting for this game, but I'm having trouble with zooming in and out too far- the land disappears and only the background is visible.

A beautiful little work.

...Even if I had to look at the source code to confirm I couldn't find [redacted].

Fooled by thinking that each upgrade only needed to be done three times. Yeesh, that's a lot of power draw...

Unfortunately the game has a binary music setting- I think the only way to lower the sound is to turn it off entirely or use your volume mixer.

hmm, that's interesting. i tend to consider games as a subset of toys defined by higher levels of interactivity, but also you're right in that this game isn't really like a sandbox game....

yes it is, hope this helps!

The funniest thing about "It's funny how the real experience over this game might be the first one" is I just did my first run and got a Gaian planet and a 12600 score, which I have to imagine is hilarious odds.

Apologies for the gushing.

Hi! Every time I try to run the .jar version, it just kinda crashes.

Hi! Tried to start the game, but it crashed both times. How do I send you crash logs?

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A scene from my most recent game: The only nation that still has "All_Will_Be_Ashes" as its status stands tall as the strongest nation in the galaxy, with over 200 stars. They are a defensive-horde state with one of the highest tech levels in the galaxy. They have had a long and storied history, starting with the original Galactic Federation Of Light, which probably brought about the horde-zealot trait.

The Masenogove Pact, spreading like a forest fire (it consumes a star, and later that star rejoins neutrality as the All_Will_Be_Ashes takes effect) and never quite dying out (all the other nations entered All_Will_Be_Ashes 41 millenia ago, and none of them remain), has remained in power for 1247 MILLENIA. For the last 41 of those, it has been in the All_Will_Be_Ashes state.

EDIT: At Millenium 1584 of Masenogove rule, they only had one star, so I decided to change their state. After 383 millenia of ALL_WILL_BE_ASHES, they almost fell.

Hey, I have my own galaxy generator and I'd like to hook it up to twitter like you did- how would I do that?


...Is there any possiblity of an easy mode?