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A member registered Dec 25, 2016

Recent community posts

  • With the new perks for raising base attributes (the strength, endurance, and agility ones) it's possible to attempt to raise one above 10 which causes a fatal error.
  • It's also possible to have more battle commands available than fit on the screen, same with items in the character screen. Some kind of scrolling or pagination seems necessary.
  • In the Changelog.txt included with the download, under New features, the last item says "Some thrust techniques require" and cuts off there. And The changelog posted here on itchi.io looks to be for instead of, I'm guessing.
  • A lot of scenes don't reflect the situation; I haven't been keeping track of these because I assume it's just because the modified scenes haven't been written yet and the event just links to the one that has to keep things moving. Things like what Draigg mentioned above. Many of the ones I was noticing were for satisfying opponents via topping, which looks like it will be gone soon, but Urka stands out. In the repeatable final encounter you know her by Urka, while I think that only comes up if you fight and win in the first encounter.