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Tyler Anderson

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Absolutely! Feel free to keep using it. :)

I love the look and feel of this game! It has such a great atmosphere, and it sets a great foundation. The art is so beautiful as well! Thank you for making a game based off of my cart design!

This game is so fun! I like how the rooms feel like puzzles based on the enemies in them, and the back and forth of switching between close-up and ranged attacks is really engaging. Also, good idea to have the enemies respawn! It really keeps things moving. Thank you so much for making a game based off of my cart!

I love this interpretation of my cart design so much! The core hook of winning back your blood from vampires through gambling is so perfect, and these mechanics work so well together. I love narrowing things down and then feeling the thrill of deciding whether or not to use the stake. It all works so well! Thank you for making this!!