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There is already a minimap and a Desert map on the game.

A open world game is too much... I know, I also would love to play Raven Theft Auto, but SteelRaven still got a life.

No... just no.

A system that let's you to load C# dlls to the game should be enough. Just imagine testing and programming mods for this game. Adding new weapons, ENBs, vehicles, gamemodes, everything!

Just thinking... what about a mod folder in the game? That should be a good way to stop suggestion comments, it's just getting more and more cancerous.

Are you serious? This is not Call of Duty.

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But a $150 server is overkill. He isn't going to host fucking I can only imagine a multiplayer match with only like 40 people. Most people just download the game, play like 3 matches and just never play it again. I think a $30 server whould do it for a good time.

Also, when I said that a $5 server is enough?

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You don't know what you're talking about. A really cheap server costs $5 dollars per month. The maximum is $100 (you actually won't use this unless you're doing a single-server MMO). It's just not like that. Plus, servers are really flexible. You can literally program them in any programming language you want. Servers are so flexible that you can do it at home (put a cheap laptop with ports open in a close room and kabam), even though that it's not recommended because you may reset your modem.

Remake or repost? That's the question.

Do this.

What changes were made in beta 3 v2?

I don't know. But he decided to put it like that.

That's actually intended.

I love your editing, it's so funny! Keep it up bro.

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>no es mi internet

>10 mbps

>ser así de tercermundista

Ahora enserio. Tu internet es lenta, ese es el problema. Simplemente admitelo.

Let's have babies! ;)

If you do the collab the game's essence would be lost. Just no.

How did you set the saturation like that? I love it. :)

This game is great but can you add more maps

I don't know if steelraven7 will add more maps in the beta 3, but it's something that you should count with.

and more guns plz

New DMR rifle comming soon.

and can you add gun attachments like for an example a lazer sight on a pistol

"The ACOG scope is always on, I feel an attachment system is overkill for the type of game I'm making. Instead, different weapons will have different sight types. This should make them even more distinct from one another, CS style." - SteelRaven7

and to add more pistols like the colt 1911 and the desert eagle and more assult rifles like the scar-L and the aug and more snipers like the dragonov and BFG 50 and more shotguns like the remington 700 and the KSG plz

Chill out dude. He isn't a machine.

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He uses Unity 5.0 and the game is coded in C#, maybe some stuff in UnityScript (specially more simple stuff).

A subreddit should do it.

By new AI I didn't meant he would have to recreate the whole AI of the game again. I meant that he would have to make the bots know how to aim and drive in the new vehicle in a decent way.

Am I the unique one that thinks that we need a forum? I feel like only a simple comment section just isn't enough...

That's the main reason why I wrote "(kinda)". I said XM8 because it's the most aproximate gun that I know the name and looks like it. Anyways, my bad.

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Just to clarify. If steelraven7 wanted, he whould add multiplayer from the day one, it's just not in the concept of the game itself. He already made a MMO FPS.

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It will take a good while, like 20 days (or even more). He will add a tank and a xm8 (kinda). Since he is going to create another vehicle, he will need to make another AI, that's the main reason why it will take so long to develop the beta 3.

EDIT: The new weapon will look just like this but in the ravenfield's art-style.

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I think I'm stuck... can someone help me please?

Eso pasa porque tu sistema operativo es de 32 bits y el juego requiere un sistema operativo de 64 bits.

Correction: The flag don't go up by itself. Only if someone of your team are close to the flag.

Game developing takes a lot of time. He have to program everything, model, texturize, search and edit sound effects, read critics, test the game, program, and test the game at the same time. Everything he does is time consuming. It's so time consuming that you can't even tell how many time you will take to finish it. When you fix a bug, worst one pops up.

He don't actually have a release date. Probably going to take some few months or weeks.

"More Weapons (Maybe Make Them Unlockable)"

Look at the in-game changelog. It says that in the next update it will be a content update (it will have new weapons and a new vehicle).

"Better Textures (For Low End PC's Like Mine)"

Uh... with my E1-1200 (1,4 GHz) and 2 GB of ram I don't have any problem with FPS.

"First Person Feet"

To be fair, I don't know if this is actually possible in the Unity engine.

"Pain Hud (when health is Low have a Red Hud)"

Trust me, it only sounds good. Bullets in ravenfield are OP.


I'm sorry, but it won't be a thing in the new update. It would take probably weeks to SteelRaven7 program it.

"Better Models(They are Pretty Good Still!)"

Trust me, this is the way SteelRaven7 wanted the game to look like. He is very very good at modeling. Just go to his twitter and you will see. I think he was inspired from the game Sub Rosa (best game ever).

"Killstreaks(Air Drop,Tank,etc..)"

This isn't supposed to be Call of Duty No... just no. Air Drops are uncessesary for this game. You already have the ammo box. You already have the helicopter (which to be fair, it's the equivalent of the tank), AND the rocket launcher.

"Hud Redesign"

I'm sure he is pretty tired of the GUI management. It's just horrible.

"More Sounds"

New weapons, new sounds.

"More Graphics Options"

That isn't something he controls, it's the Unity engine.

"More Game Modes."

That is something that I also expect. But to do that, he would need to actually make another maps just for the gamemodes, which is a pain in the ass.

Hello there! I don't really know if this is my problem or it's a bug. But I'm having a problem when I'm playing as a helicopter. Sometimes when I shoot a missile my helicopter just explode.

First of all. W and S keys are just to go up or down. To go foward you need to move your mouse up. You will see that your view will be more at the floor. Make sure the 2 normal lines are in the screen, use that lines as a indicator. If you don't see them, move your mouse back until you see it again. Remember to NOT be too high, because if something happens, you're going to have problems on knowing where you're going to land. To rotate your helicopter, use your A and D keys, when you thing that you rotated enough, just stop the rotation by simply maintaining the opposite key you was pressing (Ex: If you was pressing A, press D) until you stop. If you think you're going too fast, just move the opposite side you was and press W to stop. Be careful, the map is full with mountains and buildings, make sure you're always considerably higher than everything so you don't crash.