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A wonderful experience that I've been waiting for since I got my hands on the demo. Strong recommendation for anyone who's into strange games, especially horror.

The gameplay truly aided in building the mood, from steering the sled to frantically loading your rifle,  it all built up to a cohesive experience and I wouldn't change a thing. One of my favorite parts, which also stood out from the demo,  is the hard cuts between scenes that give the experience a cinematic feel, while also adding to the feeling of being lost and not fully in control of what's happening around you.

Thanks I spent a lot of time on those

Hi and thanks for letting us know! Are you sure you have .NET 3.5 framework installed? We've noticed similar issues when .NET was not installed correctly or missing

Purely a skill-based, rage-inducing game with lots and lots of content. Extremely satisfying once you truly learn the art of flight, but pure hell for every second before that. 5/5 would recommend! 

The demo takes around 20-30 minutes to complete.