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INCREDIBLE!! Sooo thoroughly well done. So exciting for anyone who loves a mystery game. If you liked Return of the Obra Dinn, this will scratch the same itch.

another amazing Deconstructeam game that left me tearing up. Thank you all so much for the amazing experiences you make <3

one of the best games I've ever played from itch, I couldn't stop playing from the moment I started it and I was glued to my computer until it ended. thank you for this amazing piece of art <3

thank you so much

I cant find it either, but would u mind linking me to where you found the other songs? I cant find them on the musicians pages :(

as usual for Deconstructeam, this game was so impactful despite how short it was. I love how the flowers influence the story, and how Sebastion and Gordon interact. Really amazing.

so incredible, I've played so many story/visual novel type games and this is definitely one of my favorites. The characters are so lovable and the dialogue is great.

love this!! was blown away by the demo, cant wait to play the full game! the atmosphere is amazing...the soundtrack, animation, art, character design everything was incredible

wonderful!!! short but impactful...loved it

beautiful story! Cried once or twice and was really moved by the visuals and sound