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gotta do it! Well worth the time.

Congrats on another successful project! You have some great stuff and I love playing around and experimenting. If you don't mind me asking, what language(s) and tools are you using for your evolutionary simulators? I've been trying to do something in this area using Codea on the iPad (it implements Lua in a Processing paradigm). I don't think it's the ideal way to go (though I LOVE Lua); since you are creating the sorts of things I like most, thought I would ask!

Thanks for all your hard work and awesome software.



Ditto! I'm looking forward to learning how to mod and to the extent I understand it, your new method seems like a great improvement. I hope it doesn't end up being super hard to code!

Another great release! The changes to the population and sea routes display are fantastic - they make a huge difference.

No idea if this is right, but I suspect what you are able to do with the information presentation and interactivity will be a big part of how successful the software is. My only evidence is personal and anecdotal, but it seems like even though the attraction to these types of games is the joy of watching worlds evolve and history be written (and rewritten) - i.e., the *model* you've built and we can play with. Nonetheless, the most intuitive way to actually interact with it is through the informational displays - both static views of historical data and real-time windows into the current state. And your new views hit the nail on the head, from my perspective.

This keeps getting better and better! Love this program and it's the kind of program I wish I could code. I can't wait until some of the polity behaviors get expanded. Thanks for your great work!

Not according to Apple, the last few years!