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A member registered Jun 29, 2020

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Android support?

Are there plans for a quest editiion?

the html5 link doesn't work for some reason, I really wanted to try this on my rom cart. Looks awesome! Message me back, I need to play this

Cute, fun, quick. Bonus points for the voice acting lol

Sweet game dude! really creative and i had fun with the boss battle. Pun intended

(1 edit)

Lot's of potential but certainly needs polishing, keep up the good work friend

I loved this, need a sequel immediately. Thanks Cool Dog!

Will this be getting a Quest port for VR eventually? and yes I know oculus link is a thing but some people just have potato computers and still want to have fun

Very polished artsy title. The graphics are well done and the story is sweet.

This game shouldn't be bumped to ten bucks man, I know that sounds harsh but that's way too risky for an arcade style game with as little features as this.

Still pretty fun! And the art style is beautiful