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Thanks for the new Chapter. 

I guess you go on vacation, so I want to wish you a good holiday and lots of fun.

Great Update, felt a bit short but... Quality takes time. 

Over all the game is outstanding. The Characters and the enviorement is unique designed and it shows the love that is put into the VN.

Nice Job on the new chapter. Can´t wait until Sica "gets  screwed" over, she realy deserves it.

You can only buy it after you went to the Restaurant with Android, so you have to go further in her Storyline to buy it. I hope it helps and have a nice day.

Hi, I just found a loophole to avoid the kidnapping of the MC. If you go to the front door (where you check for mails) from your room and from there back to the lobby, the event wont get triggert. 

Maybe you want to add an Exaption to the code of the event or let it get triggert after the MC wakes up, Runey42?

Well anyhow, have a nice day everyone.

Wow cool and thanks for the reply. 

Hey, great game so far. Is a reunion with Christe planed?

The last post on Patreon is from 01.10 and it´s the mothly report, so they are working on it. 

Just Google "my new family patch" first entry:  Lewd Patcher. Btw there are patches for nearly every VN thats conntend is prohibited by Patreon.

Pretty good game so far. But the background in the swimsuit shopping scene is like like Pineapple Pizza, just looking at it hurt my eyes.

Somehow 1.1 isn´t available here, but u can download ist over the Patreon Post:

Coll, thanks for the quick reply.

Hi, can someone help me out a little? I have the quest too visit SAL 2.0 at the Diner, but i somehow can´t find her. Am I missing something?

Hi, I answered this question a bit above.

No Problem.

As far as I can remember, it was the Name of one of the .exe files within the PC recycle bin in your room just without the .exe at the end.

It has been a while since I last played the game.

There are 3 parts of the Code. The first one is in the box Esther gives you, the second one is in your kitchen drawer and the third one is in the bathrooms drawer.

Hey, don't sweat it, i kind of expected this answer.

That´s a realy good game. The storry is nice written and the characterdesign extraordinary. 5/5

I can´t wait for the next Update, but since I know that good quality needs its time I´ll be patient. 

@BM_Rec - Do you mind the question if I ask for a realse date?