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Really cool game! I really had fun playing it. Simple but super executed. Beautiful color palette. =)

Thank you so much!

The mushroom is really cute and so are its animations like looking at the bird or jumping on a box. It's a cool idea to switch back and forth between the two characters so that you can solve the puzzle together!

The camera transitions are great. The different letters in the background add to the atmosphere and I was very happy that my name came out.

Really appreciate that you finished the game! I'm very happy about it :D

I like that the cat gets so big when jumping and so small when hanging on the umbrella. Short game but really cute :D

What a nice take one a bullet hell game. I really liked to go through the zoo being a penguin :D Your hand drawn map is so cool. Fun game!

The game highlights the Christmas spirit very well: the stress, the tension and tasty cookies :D Your game looks really good and the sound effects support the setting. Nicely done!

Wow that looks really well polished! Nice pixel art, nice color palettes and a good use of music. And a super cute dog! Bark Bark! The puzzles are pretty simple but that's fine since it's about the story. Well done!