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Talha Kaya

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great idea! nicely executed in a short time.

I love this one

great style. hope you work on it a bit more and we can see some bullet lines

nice idea to include people from the jam

looks amazing

very cute!

love how cubes fall apart :)

nice, I didn't expect a visual novel type of game in this jam :)

this is by far the weirdest game in the jam :D I love it! thanks for making it.

I really like this one.

I loved this one.

Great game, worth every dollar :P

you hold down the mouse to move, and getting on the green radios should automatically collect them and let you pass the level. You don't have to concentrate on all the astronauts, just concentrate on the one to the up right. Thanks for playing!

That's impossible, as those camera views are only the copy of the same thing, there's only one astronaut flying. So I guess it must be a visual glitch or misunderstanding.

Thanks Adam :)

Thanks! Glad you like it. Hmm, actually, all missions are symmetric, the effect is simply to multiply the game screen and rotate the copies, so you can just play the game on the up-right corner.