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This brought a good scene for a horror game. Thanks for an awesome thing. 

This was a fun game and got me a few times. Somehow even got turned around after one XD. Thanks for the awesome game!

Thank you for a fun game

Thanks for reminded me that I was terrified of games that require a flash of light to see in the darkness. Great game! 

Really liked this and had a blast. Great job. 

Just want to say that this really well done for a few days make. It gave me shivers. 

Really enjoyed this game. Simple and yet really good.

Loved the unsettling vibe this game gave and the match going out got me a few times 

Right. I felt dumb lol. But interesting all the same.

I'm excited about the full game. But man I  wish I could've figured out some of the secrets in the demo XD. 

I enjoyed the robot and honestly, the game got me.

Seriously a good time for a horror game. Loved the vibe.

The new Horror AirBnB is terrible. Didn't even make it out alive 1/10 stars. 

I will have to check it out.

This game is just full of stress. But I mean that ending was unexpected. 

It had some moments, and I can tell you I truly hate being chased within confined spaces. 

Really wanted some more scares in this, as I hated Opila Bird and their stare, lol. Hopefully, the second one brings some more interesting things. (Still made a YouTube vid, duh XD)

This gave me goosebumps. Such a good game! 

Loved the feeling of this game. Hope it goes further in development. 

It was very fun and trippy, loved the tension the sounds brought to it. Hope you continue to develop!

This game was good, and loved the secret XD 

Such a trippy game, but loved the feeling it gave me. Last game: 

I loved the game, the first game in the video: 

I didn't expect him to just be behind me...that surprised me. Love the game! 

Just a great game! I dislike the dark even more now, thanks :P 

My second SCP game ever, and the first game in the video.

Yarr no demon children found inside: 

The Baby Knows When I've Been Good, He Knows When I'm Sleeping, and He Knows When I Forget To Feed Him :P. Love the new update.

Papa told me not to open the butcher shop in this neighborhood, but I didn't listen lol. 

This was awesome, and man talk about a spine-chilling event. Thanks for making this.

Loved the game, just brought out something special with the scariness and the good laughs. Hope to see more from this Dev.

Hmm, oh how I like my horror, terrifying!

I did, it was a good game and would love to see it grow more if you have that planned, if not I'll keep an eye out for your future content.

The cake was a lie and I'm upset, papa lied. Last game:

Really loved the concept of the game and while I was able to avoid screaming, the dread was there, Second video: 

This is why I don't trust bunnies they are just too cute not to be evil. :P First Video: 

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She is following me, she knows where I live, and she has changed my wallpaper -_-.

Clearly, a very honest and clean hotel, would stay again 10/10.