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Neat surprise to see! Checking it out now!

Yeah, there was a missing phrase in the rules, so I went to update them - not realising the uploads are locked while the jam is judging. I thought I undid the change, but apparently not.

You can get the rules sheet here or the full rulebook and printouts here for now!

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That's so cool! And yeah, you did highlight a rule I didn't put in the rule text! You can keep going as long as you have dice! I've updated the rules and uploaded a new version of the rulebook.

... or uhh I will upload the new version of the rules when the jam is done judging!

I find the word 'freatures' so delightful, thank you for bringing it into my life

Glad to hear it!

Look forward to an update:

I'm using these for a prototype of a print-and-play game (no release plan as of yet), and just checking if you were okay with the assets being used in that way if I decide to go for a commercial release.

I don't know what it is I don't know about how to play this game, but I can't finish the first level - even with HP upgrades - because you just naturally run out of health about 60% of the way through the level.

Maybe double-check the tutorial, see if it's missing something?

Hey, I'm a board/card game maker and I was wondering a few things about the assets - can I contact you about them or are you happy to answer questions here?

These are super nice! Are you okay with them being used for a card game?

Hey there. I'm a card game developer looking to make a game with, like, printed cards and actual physical objects, using pixelly art for a nice retro aesthetic. The licensing agreement here you've linked _seems_ to suggest that both may be okay (as using the sprites as static art is derivative work) and may NOT be okay (as it would be extracting the sprites to a different media form).

You got any sayso on this?