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I ain't gonna lie, I had no idea how to enter the mine so I was just going back and fourth for 10 minutes trying to figure it out and still didn't know how :( But I was absolutely terrified when the car crashed, I hate horrors but for some reason I wanted to continue playing this game! Too bad I'm stooooopid and couldn't figure out how to get into the mine -.-

Ahh thank you for letting me know, I really appreciate it!

And I beg of you please finish this off, it is really worth it!

Oh. My. Lord. THAT WAS SO GOOOD THE DEMO IS AMAZING BUT NOW I AM LEFT ON A CLIFF HANGER ;^; When will the full version be released? I will be telling all my friends about this visual novel and see if they can donate! ^-^

... four simple words: The. Demo. Was. Brilliant. I honestly did not expect such high quality results from this novel, I guess I should not make assumptions next time. But with every fiber of my being I am glad to say I enjoyed it very much and will be slowly dying until we have access to the full version. Also, if you do not mind me asking, when will the full version be released?