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Takoto - Luke

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Such fantastic work everyone!!

Fantastic interpretation! Reminds me of when I discovered AMVs, which ended up helping me discover a ton of new music and anime. Really great art!

Looks fantastic, the differences in texture between the woods, the sky, and the clouds is extremely eye-catching and very well done!

Extremely well executed, and very good art!

Mega cute! The bold lineart looks great and the subtle texturing works really nicely.

This looks great! Really nice atmosphere and the little raccoon is really cute.

Thank you so much! It was tough getting everything in the tile limit, but I think I got all the important details in :D

Thank you!! I'm so glad |D I think I'm happy with how it came out

Super cute!

Very nice visual style! It looks so polished.

Really nice work! The car animation is so charming!

Looks fantastic! The sprite work is clean and charming!

Thank  you! I'm so glad I could get the vibe right :D

Thank you so much! It's been a while since I worked with a limited palette, so was a fun challenge :D

Hey all, just wanted to ask if this will be running again next year! I've been thinking about making a little Yume Nikki inspired fangame based off of my own dreams, but only found out about this game jam a few hours ago!

That's really awesome, thanks for the response! 

I was wondering, is there any way to add more musical options by adding more .wavs/.ogg samples into the Audio/Music folders? Or will the program just ignore them and not generate anything involving them?