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That's weird. I don't think it's supposed to restart, but yes, that's the end of the free version.

It is on Steam as well.

It most likely will.

Think you only need like 2GB RAM.

I'm glad it worked<3

Should be fixed now.

Not really.

Only the optional walkthrough DLC if you care about that kinda stuff.

It just released today!

The last scene is with a side girl from the music path. To get her scene you have to keep looking when the choice comes up in Chapter 3.

Yup. You played the Demo which only goes up to Chapter 2.

Hiya! In Chapter 3 there are actually 4 unique sex scenes you can get, and a few more in Chapter 4 which is coming soon!

No corruption or NTR, mostly vanilla stuff, and if I do include any kinks they're mostly going to be optional/avoidable.

Thanks for letting me know:)

Ch3 Music path, pick “Keep looking” when the choice appears.

That's strange, is it not under "My Purchases" in your library? If you can't find it, contact Itch support or shoot me a message on Discord.

Yes, it’s out for patrons and should be released here 4 days from now.

You gain access to all future updates.

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Yes! The Steam page is currently under review and should go live and ready to be wishlisted soon. There is currently no official Steam release date but I'll be sure to announce it when I have one.

There will only be girl on girl action if you choose to go for threesomes, no lesbian solo scenes without the MC. 

No harem but you will be able to pursue multiple paths to an extent. Pregnancy is indeed planned, yes.

Glad you enjoyed it! New update is out now:)

I’m pretty sure it means you reached the server limit, Discord only allows you to join a certain amount of servers if you don’t have a Nitro subscription.

Anal sex is planned for the future and will be optional/avoidable.

Noted! I'm hoping to make the full Chapter 1 release a decently long experience now that I'm getting the hang of all this development stuff since this is my first time ever trying to develop a game of any sorts!