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very good tunnels indeed.

Same. Looks like the width is being restricted by web page design. I worked around it in Firefox by right-clicking the game, choosing 'This Frame' and open in new tab/window. Save first, then load, as the new tab/window will generate a new game world.

It works! Exchanged some Whuffie for some sweet byteCoin.

Ok, space button works to pull data from the stream/TRAWL, but not at the exchange where you trade Whuffie/Bytecoins. I typed ZBAY above but I meant the exchange. I'm starting to feel bad, but I hope it's helping someone else too. Please accept this GIFF of a cute hedgehog and an archive of all Kanye's tweets for your work!

Oops. Still having an issue with the space key still in specific instances. Space works on the command line, but doesn't respond in cases where I'm connected the ZBAY or Data Streams, so I am unable to exchange currency or pull data from streams.

All keys working as they should in Firefox! Cheers!

I had to switch over to a Chromium browser to play, as I couldn't interact with the game at all in Firefox. The game would scroll down a few pixels within the frame when I pressed space, but no other keys did anything. Disabling all my addons didn't help. I get the same results in your Backspace Tester between Chromium and FF.

I also tried right-clicking to open the frame by itself in a new tab, but that didn't help either. Then I logged in to Lone Spelunker and that plays fine in FF. Weird.

The game is great, btw!

I was told I would find small crank implicators in aisle 72-b but when I got to aisle 72-b they weren't there. Couldn't find anyone to help me. Warm breeze. I heard dogs barking, then I woke up.