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i want ask about fanbook that it free for people who ready buy original or need to buy it to get ?

how to get good ending of tocchan 

anyone know how to CG when tie on tocchan

pls solve error on saving . i save few day of audition but it replay date day when in love hotel when continue they appear error 

how can sent file of my save ?

My save erro still have , even i redownload new vision . Can u solve this problem

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i use ignore but it true back only just click on it and also time i set is on audition day not on date day

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I have problem on tocchan route. I save audition 13 September but I give me day on make love tocchan I don’t what day of it when I continue it say erro

so if we only visit him on day lose or what?

how can I make love state become pink

When I check on my lover state only see question mark what it mean ? I chose to persuade Tocchan but I don’t know what is relationship between us

it is my frist dating game anyone have any guide to me pls

When have voice in game

thx for information 😍😍😍

i hope can download at morning😊😊😊

it release on 4 oct what about time?

after they release price still 28 $ or it change?

What advantage they give to person who buy 48$ 

When game release character will have voice or not

when they release game

economic problem hahahah :D:D

What is difference between 28$ and 48$? anyone pls tell me