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Takaya Games

A member registered Mar 03, 2022

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good game. It's a pity that the development is over.

Is it a specification that the operation of WASD changes on the way?

Everything has been fixed and the game is easier to play.

I will try it, thank you.

The items are fixedly arranged, but that monster has no escape because it follows you quickly and pinpoints and passes through the door.

The light you have does not illuminate the front as the player moves. It also remains dark depending on the angle. It's a light that can't be used. 



A busy but fun and good game. 

creepy vibes!

Short but surprisingly scary.

A very good game.


This strange ghost is so creepy

It seems to come out in a dream.

A very entertaining and fun game.

Gathering ingredients is difficult, but strange and interesting.

Fear of being chased by pigs. But something, a cute pig

Her laughter was very eerie!

The god of the toilet?

A game where you can see the difficulty of collecting garbage