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Thanks for your news, and we actually sometimes do bring in visual novel games, but all depends on the game quality, I am afraid that I haven't played your game yet, but the garphics match our users' hobbies. After all, it is your call, I am OK to give it a go, let me know if you got any new plans for the game in the future. And much appreciated for the reply.

Hello, this is Gordon with one of the biggest Chinese game publishers. I was wondering where are your development team based? I am quite interested in your game and we'd like to have our professional team to play it, if it'd be suiable for us, we could offer a money guarantee and so on for cooperation.

Would mind if we test the game?

Let me know and my mail is I could also send you a detailed intro of our company, much appreciated.

BTW, please cc which is the director of overseas business. Cheers.

I might have seen your email and could you please resend it, I am sorry I may mis-clicked the delete button instead of reply, truly apologize for my mistake and I hope we could know more about each other.