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I gotta say  Both kingdoms It would be the right move it would give people a chance to see the other sideAnd what its qualities are

I enjoyed the story I will be keep on going

Well time to break out of prison or forced enslavement Refuse to work for an organization I have known nothing about and might be used as nothing but a weapon

This is very interesting

Before this game is released I have few words to say  I am guessing all of us played the game from 1 to 2 and knowing how this is gonna go it's gonna be emotional rollercoaster for all of us but but be prepared for the napkins I can't give you tissue because I don't know where any of you live and one other thing give the   Give the writer  Add pats because I feel like they had a lot to do in their life to get their chance to make this 3rd one So to me  Thank you the writer of supernatural  We dearly respect you

The time has almost come gather for the count down

This story picked my interest can't wait for more

i love your work 

This good read

I am enjoying the story you did a good job

I enjoyed reading this story I wish you luck

No no no no I  want both revenge I want a fucking war Not just a normal war a holy war I'm being personal in this story but you  You did a good job  Make me feel like this. There are things you should never do Force children to be a sacrifice  Or make them be soldiers For your religion Say it was just cause  I mean that shows the rot  Of your organization   In my opinion I think there's more  That I am  Going to hate in this organization I am being forced into  Though I can't wait and see You're gonna throw at me Timidlon And I wish you a good luck on what you're making here

OK these inquisitors types pissed me off I am a type of person who fights to the bitter end and they just declared war on my belief

this is fun read 

Yes the game is being developed still but she Has a responsibility right now of being a mother 

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LET ME IN LET ME IN !!! {  Im am messing with you it good you have kept righting now your work when you were on choice of game  it been ride to now your this long

I enjoyed the story I hope you keep on continuing it

I'm glad you're doing better Just take your time and do what You feel like you want to do

That is completely understandable You missed your family  And friends

don't worry thing happen

The worst that could happen being unchosen nothing at all I believe

I really enjoyed the story I wish you luck on the next chapter

That's why I love this writer because he's punching you in the face every time he gives you a cliffhanger trust me there does this choice of games there very good at it that's why I enjoy him he punches me in the face with it too

I had fun time reading this and hope  get back IVI  from that dick

I  like your work this 10 /10  

it good read

and girl

this story so good I love reading this

I had fun playing this and watching you guys on dnd  one it funny cool and see heart you guys put into it

ep 8 is so cool and gave me a scar (:

well going save Sydero an die trying 

I love the story and love Sydero hope we get to save her