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OH. MY. FUCKING. GODDDDD. I downloaded the game yesterday, and I just finished it today. It's soooo good, I just couldn't stay away from it! Somehow I also regret finishing this so early! :( I feel so empty now after finishing such a great visual novel. I can't believe that this is free! Anyways...

First of all the characters. The characters are each so unique! The character designs are so beautiful (I need fanarts of this game ughhh  <3). Each character had an interesting backstory, and their curse works so well with their story and personality. The development between the main character and the love interest you choose also surely feels mutual and genuine. When I first started Rod's route (Also the route I started with, because I played according to your suggested order.), I thought that it would just be one of those typical otomes where the cold hearted guy turns nice overnight (just exaggeration). I was wronggg. He turned nicer and sweeter at a steady and humanly pace for someone who used to resent someone because of how coldly they treated their family. Lucette was also a great main character. She really did have to feel the struggle of acting nice, since she's been a cold-hearted person for who knows how long. I also feel attached to all the characters, even the antagonists. If there's one I did feel sad (But I had no problem with this), it was Fritz. I felt bad for Fritz.... He was portrayed as an supporting antagonist in all the routes (Well technically it's Varg, but hey... Varg is Fritz). I feel so bad for our handsome and kind knight, Fritz! </3 Though, I did enjoy Varg's character as well. A complaint I had was that Fritz didn't get much screen time as I thought, even in his own route! I was also feeling that Rod's good ending felt a bit lacking :/ But it's pretty understanding since they're step siblings... :/

Here's my order of character best to least : Fritz, Rod, Waltz, Karma & Rod (I still love all of them though <3)

Now for the art: Ughhh the art is so gud omfg. The art is so lovely, and just makes me fall more in love with the characters with the damn good cgs. They're sooo handsome XD

The music. I loveeeee the music! Definitely has one of my favorite soundtracks. The sad osts are well made, and can definitely break your heart... Especially when certain characters die </3 The music definitely sets the mood! The timing for each ost that needs to be played for certain parts are also great!

The story. Hohoho, I found the storyline to be interesting and amazing! The fairy tale curse is quite brilliant, I never actually would have thought of an interesting idea like this. And as I stated in my first paragraph, I finished this withing a span of two days. Usually me finishing VNs take longer than just 2 days. But I had to keep on going.... I wanted to find out more and more. I wanted to read more! The story is just so good omg. I found Fritz's route to be best storywise imo.

I had so much fun, I would definitely recommend this VN to people. My rating for this VN is definitely a solid 10/10. I feel so lucky knowing this was freeee. I expected less, but oh boy. Definitely totally beyond my expectations. I hope you guys make more Visual Novels <3