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Loved the simplistic artstyle, and the mood the game set. Also I quite enjoyed the labyrinth, however pop ups and random deaths happened. Also had a bit of a problem that i culdnt pick up a power up. but over-all thats looks cool, it plays cool!

My first instinct was to break everything and avoid the zoo keepers. Because every time i approached one i lost HP.

Could have used a little bit more of a incentive, like some sort of missions. But mostly it feels smooth, so good job, guys!

Some kind of tutorial would have come a long way, but nice work non the less!

Clicker, with a twist, that there is a limited resource. Interesting, and quite addictive xD.

Nice art, and concept is awesome, however it gets tiresome really fast. Found the best strategy to be to spam more bullets and avoid them, less trying to aim the gun. However, nice job!

Thank you, and Im glad you enjoyed it!

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