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I love this! The descriptions are so great to read. I wish there was just a little more of a point to collecting materials and exploring (ie goal or score of some kind).

Very cool. Only issue is I don't understand why I win or lose. Is it because oponent didn't stab or I stabbed first or I was at a higher speed? Explain somewhere please :).

Very fun and interesting. I would love some added challenge with a limited number of jumps or a scoreboard of some kind. :)

Thanks Coleo Kin for hosting! This will be very fun! Unfortunately I am going to be VERY busy this weekend :( but I will still try and get something together! As a more general message, I would love to host a "games about games" jam in this same criticism vein. Interested?

Thanks King DP77. I fixed the player speed. It will be coming out pretty soon. The bubble is there to adjust difficulty by destroying all bullets for 100 points.

Thank you SpadeSeveren for the sugestion. I will work on fixing that. Best guess is you were shot on the very edge of the screen and the text apeared off screen. If this happens press r to restart until I fix the bug!